CUP/BTC: 217.68 CUP for $1

Why Bitcoin in Cuba?

Bitcoin in Cuba is a real necessity, to mitigate the problems of financial exclusion suffered by the Cuban people due to the economic and commercial blockade imposed unilaterally and illegally by the US.

As a direct consequence of these sanctions, in 2019 Cubans still do not have access to many modern financial services such as Visa, Mastercard, AmericanExpress, PayPal, Skrill, Stripe or other international electronic payment gateways.

The development of the Paycadena Bitcoin Exchange was inspired by the heroic resistance of the Cuban people, who are facing financial censorship from the powerful enemy of the North.

Latest Sales

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4 days ago

0.02423384($650)682.5 MLC
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Exchange Rate: 1.05 MLC

5 days ago

0.02419865($650)682.5 MLC
dffca9d 814ed88 ff5f383 2ad604f 44a712a c0ca266 952abe9 6f1c5de d59fa13 0
Exchange Rate: 1.05 MLC

6 days ago

0.00392421($105)109.2 MLC
b1f04ae e3acc72 aeb641c 3898bcd e387008 ae023d9 261f72e bf29fd9 e37049f c
Exchange Rate: 1.04 MLC

6 days ago

0.00037216($10)1850.00 CUP
12b79b4 3087ec4 35ee51e b62a212 283d16a 76573cc bf82320 3f33c8f 09f6931 7
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Exchange Rate: 186 CUP

7 days ago

0.00170535($46)8556.00 CUP
9247f58 94e0815 7130df5 2cd11cc 414966d 3b983ac 95ff65d d4d4e79 bf26de7 e
Exchange Rate: 186 CUP

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How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin in Cuba

With Paycadena it is possible to buy and sell Bitcoin in Cuba in a completely safe way.

Paycadena guarantees the security of sellers and buyers thanks to the MultiSig technology of the Bitcoin protocol, reducing the risk of scams to zero.

In addition, since Paycadena is a decentralized Exchange, not Custodial and P2P (the user So-and-so sells to the user Mengano), sales are perfectly legal.

Watch the video to see how the secure counterselling process works at Paycadena.

How to Acquire MLC through Bitcoin in Cuba

Not all Cubans have family and friends abroad who can send MLC to their card.

These people, in many cases, can get MLC only through the informal market, where exchange rates will be applied that can reach up to 40 cup for each US Dollar deposited on the card in MLC.

Thanks to Bitcoin, there is a more profitable alternative to acquire MLC in Cuba.

To get MLC it is enough to sell Bitcoin in Paycadena specifying MLC (Freely Convertible Currency) as payment method.

The buyer (another Paycadena user) pays for the Bitcoin via an MLC balance transfer to the seller's card.

Depending on the demand/supply ratio of Bitcoin in Cuba at the time the exchange operation is executed, it is possible that, by selling Bitcoin for MLC in Paycadena, the user enjoys positive exchange rates (positive seller margin).

EXAMPLE: specifying MLC as the payment method, the user Fulano sells 100 usd in Bitcoin in Paycadena to the user Fulano applying a margin of 2%. MEngano pays the Bitcoin to Fulano through Transfermovil.

So-and-so receives 102 MLC on his card that same day. Without tails.

Cheap, fast and easy.

Paycadena Exchange Technology

The Paycadena exchange is characterized by its ease of use. The User only needs to click a few buttons to benefit from the latest in Bitcoin technology:

  • It is NOT Custodial: the user (and only the user) has direct control of their private keys. This maximizes the security of exchange operations between users.

  • Deposit 0: Buy and Sell Bitcoin in Cuba without depositing absolutely anything in any wallet on the platform. Not 1 satoshi.

  • NO VPN: works without VPN in all Countries (also in Cuba of course), because it does not depend on third parties. Paycadena relies on its own Bitcoin Full Node.

  • SegWit: lighter, faster and cheaper transactions.

  • MultiSig: secure deposits to dynamic MultiSig addresses (2 of 3) during Bitcoin/FIAT trading on the Paycadena Exchange. Zero risk of being scammed when you buy or sell Bitcoin in Cuba ( More Information about Bitcoin MultiSig ).

  • Multi-Currency: buy and sell Bitcoin in Cuba with Cuban FIAT money (CUP), MLC, ETH and stable-coins (USDT and DAI)

  • BIP39 (12-word Mnemonic Seed): exports/imports the keys. Interoperable with any wallet that adopts the BIP39 standard ( Complete Guide )

  • BIP32 (HD Wallet): single-use multiSig (multisignature) addresses to maximize user privacy and security

  • 2FA (Optional): double protection for funds

All without forcing the User to graduate in computer science

Tutorials: how to use Bitcoin in Cuba

Watch the video to discover how to create your account in Cuba's #1 Bitcoin Exchange in 1 minute.

If you want to learn more about Bitcoin, check out all the Paycadena tutorials on our YouTube channel or directly on our site .

development roadmap

Development of the Paycadena Bitcoin Exchange - Made 100% in Cuba

Not Android?

No problem!

The Paycadena Exchange, in addition to being a Native Android application, is also a Web Exchange, which can be used through all the most common browsers (such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Edge) with all Operating Systems (Microsoft, Linux, IOS) and all devices (laptop, tablet and mobile).

In addition, since Exchange Paycadena is a Progressive Web App, it can also be downloaded on IOS devices and can be used as if it were a native application.

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